Size Matters - Finding the Perfect Home Size

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How much is too much or not not enough? How do you choose? See the link below and answer these 10 questions to help you find the perfect size home..

Do you like small and cozy or do you need room to spread out?
How many people are in your family and how much space does each person need?
Do you have any hobbies or jobs that require extra space? (If you work from home, you’ll need an office. If cars are a passion, you’ll want a more substantial garage)
How often do you have visitors over? (If you have parties every few weeks and relatives visit a few times a year, you might want more space for guests)
Are you planning to have more kids or have an elderly relative move in with you?
What size of house have you been excited about in the past?
How much storage do you need? (Closet space and built-ins can be a big space saver)
How large is your furniture, and how much do you have? (If you have a king-sized bed, you want a big master bedroom)
What’s your five-year plan? (Upgrading your home to a larger size can be difficult; make sure the home you choose can last for years)
How much outdoor space do I want?

Call me and I will help you find the perfect size home!