Skip the Tourists – How Locals Enjoy Spring Break

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As a local, you (like me) probably dread spring break. While the influx of sun-deprived young adults is excellent for our economy, it negatively impacts our traffic and ability to enjoy hotspot destinations. Rather than struggling to find parking, fighting for beach space, or dealing with drunk 20 somethings, I encourage you to take this time to explore local haunts that are off the beaten path. Here are a few indoor and outdoor adventures that I recommend:

Indoor Adventures

1. Emerald Coast Science Center

Skip the waterpark this month and take your kiddos to the Emerald Coast Science Center. Interactive exhibits, charming animals, and learning lots of new things will keep your kids entertained for hours. BUT, it isn't just for kids. They also host adult-only functions like trivia night and their Sordid Secrets exhibits.

2. Air Force Armament Museum

As an Air Force town, this is an excellent way for children and adults to learn and appreciate everything our servicemen and women do for us on a daily basis. As the only museum in the world explicitly dedicated to preserving Air Force Armaments, this is an excellent day out for anyone who loves aircraft from World War 1 to today.

3. Destin History & Fishing Museum

Speaking of museums, are you a history or fishing lover? If you are, the Destin History & Fishing Museum is an excellent way to learn about Destin's rise from a small fishing village to a tourist destination. From audio tours to scavenger hunts, this is a superb afternoon adventure.

Outdoor Adventures

Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of these outdoor adventures before it gets too hot!

4. Oak Tree Nature Preserve

While many of the Emerald Coast's outdoor activities lead to the beach, there is a hidden gem that many locals have never even tried. The Oak Tree Nature Preserve is a small hiking trail where you can walk the local ecosystem and challenge your "I Spy" skills by looking for the hundreds of animals, plants, and birds that call this place home. The trail is easy, and it is great for a small jaunt with the family.

5. The Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge

Speaking of our local ecosystem, the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge is doing everything in its power to protect all our local animals, including rehabilitating them if they are sick or injured. The refuge is run through donations and the support of its visitors, so taking the family for a visit is entertaining for you and helps them keep the lights on.

6. Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park

Open every day of the year, Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park was once a training ground for soldiers during World War 2. Since then, it has been converted back to its natural beauty. Located just outside of Niceville, this park has a variety of special events throughout the year for you to attend, or you can just head over for a fun afternoon of exploration.


For more information on what to do along the Emerald Coast as well as monthly events, I encourage you to read my blog! Looking to buy or sell a home here? I've got you covered! I can help you #gettosold in no time, so please give me a call today to discuss your home buying or selling needs.